Bleaker Island : : Accommodation - Cassard House


Opened for business in November 2011, this eco-friendly house provides excellent facilities for up to eight guests, and is ideally suited for tour groups, family outings and special occasions.

The spacious accommodation comprises three twin-bedded rooms and one double room, each complete with an en-suite shower room. A large lounge and adjoining dining area link through to a spacious sun lounge, thus allowing ample public space for all guests. The well equipped kitchen, where meals are prepared for full board guests and where self-catering guests can ‘do their own thing’, is appropriately located close to the dining area. See the house layout plan below, and photos in the Gallery.

Facilities include a flat-screen television, DVD player, mini hi-fi with IPOD dock, a trust bar and wi-fi connectivity throughout.

Roof-mounted solar panels provide hot water and under-floor heating, with high levels of insulation and triple-glazed windows ensuring a cosy atmosphere, whilst the large sun lounge and wind powered electricity, boosted by photo voltaic solar panels, come together to guarantee that the natural elements are fully harnessed. The house was deliberately built to be airtight, and a mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) system removes contaminated warm wet air from the kitchen, shower rooms, (meaning that extractor fans are not required) and other areas of the house. Through a heat exchanger in the loft space this warm air heats fresh incoming air, which then enters living spaces through ceiling vents.